At the last moment

at the last moment


“Good afternoon. Do you still have the tickets…? ”

The voice on the other side: “No.”

Hm, confused: “How do you know that there wasn’t any when you haven’t even heard what I was interested in?”

Answer from another side: “You are calling regarding the Nemanja Radulovic’s concert. Just because of this concert phone rings today. ”

After the information that we saw on social media, we strongly wished to attend the concert of our famous violinist Nemanja Radulovic. Conversation with “psychic” ticket sales manager woke us up.

How could we even expect to find the tickets for THAT concert just two days before the event?

Then we saw the information that the tickets for the concert on 8 April 2016 were sold in May 2015, after which organizers planned another concert for 7 April 2016, for which tickets are sold in October 2015.

This information was sufficient indication that the planning of events in our country is getting its full meaning, for both organizers and visitors. After an announced concert due to the great interest of visitors to attend the same, the organizers reacted quickly and schedule another event. And visitors? They began to plan their time. It seems that, for a long time, our behavior excels instinct for survival and day to day life. The willingness of people to buy tickets for the concert several months in advance is returning faith to our country, as it is connected with the stable society and brighter future.

In Western countries, events and holidays are planned, booked and paid for several months, even a year in advance. In our country, that wasn’t a case.

When it comes to the organization of events, if the visitors decide to purchase tickets long before the date of an event, there are always two reasons for that:

– There is a significant discount for those who buy the ticket early

– The event has a high-quality program or exclusivity

The second option is more effective. The quality of the program, its variety and/or exclusivity will affect the interest of visitors, and therefore have an impact on event success.

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